Yumbah Abalone

Exclusive Abalone
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Yumbah Abalone Yumbah Abalone

The pristine Antarctic waters flow into the Australian Great Southern Ocean at extremely cold temperatures, creating the perfect conditions for our Abalone. Processed from live with the freshness locked inside, you can now enjoy our Australian Abalone anywhere in the world.

Golden Line Blacklip Abalone

Wild Caught Frozen in Shell
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Golden Line Blacklip Abalone Golden Line Blacklip Abalone

In the depths of the pristine Southern Ocean lies great Australian Blacklip Wild Abalone. Divers take on whatever Mother Nature throws at them to reach the jewels of the ocean - abalone. Wild caught for you to enjoy at home.

Bahamian Lobster Tails

Frozen Lobster Tail Pairs
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Bahamian Lobster Tails Bahamian Lobster Tails

The clear blue waters off the island of Nassau in the Bahamas is where you’ll find some of the worlds best lobsters. These sweet-tasting lobster tails stand out from the rest with it’s bright white meat, brimming from it’s shell. Seafood extravagance experienced in your own home.

Far West Scallops

Packed Frozen Scallops
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Far West Scallops Far West Scallops

The epitome of elegance. Ballot’s Saucer Scallops are caught wild off the South Coast of Western Australia. With vast and unpolluted waters, these types of scallops are sweet and buttery. Perfectly white in color with just a hint of saltiness, Far West Scallops are a celebration of the Australian sea.

Kerwee Wagyu and Angus

Specialty Product
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Kerwee Wagyu and Angus Kerwee Wagyu and Angus

Kerwee wagyu and Angus is produced by Stockyard Beef specifically for the American market. From Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia, Kerwee is the most awarded grain fed Wagyu beef in Australia - Hormone and GMO Free. Each carcass is graded to Meat Standards Australia quality system (MSA Grade score is a composite of tenderness, juiciness and flavor). Kerwee Wagyu is produced all year with a minimum 400 days of grain feeding within national Feedlot Accreditation Scheme certification.

Kerwee Wagyu processed in a “HACCP” & AQIS EXPORT certified facilities with full traceability with to the individual animal.

Yumbah Abalini

Exclusive to SRL
Yumbah Abalini Yumbah Abalini

Exclusive to SRL - baby Yumbah Abalone, “Abalini”, is smaller than regular sized Yumbah Abalone, yet still has that sweet and buttery flavor. It’s tender texture allows for it to be cooked across many applications, and then presented in shell. Perfect for entertaining guests. Harvested at 18 months and snap frozen from live to deliver sashimi grade quality.

Hiramasa Kingfish

Frozen Belly Loins
Hiramasa Kingfish Hiramasa Kingfish

Hiramasa Kingfish are raised in the icy, pristine waters of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf. Powerful in the water and delicate on the plate.

Murray River Salt Flakes

Premium Australian Pink Salt
Murray River Salt Flakes Murray River Salt Flakes

This premium salt is produced using the pristine mineralized brines from the ancient salin aquifier of the Murray Darling basin, Australia. The mineralized brines high in magnesium, calcium, and to a lesser degree, potassium and iodine, is what gives this salt the stunning pale pink hue.

Yarra Valley Caviar

Frozen Salmon Roe
Yarra Valley Caviar Yarra Valley Caviar

Yarra Valley Caviar is an export approved boutique fresh water aquaculture farm located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria, Australia. Enjoy a softer more palatable pearl that melts in your mouth and accentuates the taste buds with a crisp salty burst of flavor.

Olsson’s Salt

Premium Australian Salt
Olsson’s Salt Olsson’s Salt

We have sourced premium sea salt from the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight and the Great Barrier Reef​. The current Olsson’s Salt range includes the sweet and delicate Sea Salt Flakes, Smoked Sea Salt Flakes, and “celtic-style” Marine Mineral Grey Salt.

Currawong Olive Oil

Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Currawong Olive Oil Currawong Olive Oil

Currawong Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been sourced from the pristine region of South Australia, where only the best fruit is grown and used to create premium olive oil. The Currawong range includes the Robust Selection olive oil, which is spicy and bold, as well as other premium infused olive oils. Perfect to finish off any dish.

Tucker’s Natural Crackers

Tucker's Natural Gourmet Crackers
Tucker’s Natural Crackers Tucker’s Natural Crackers

Tucker’s Gourmet Cracker range offers a sophisticated and all-natural cracker perfect for entertaining crowds. Perfectly paired with cheese, dips, antipasto and small-goods. A great and easy way to elevate snacks. A range of deliciously flavored crackers available in packs for your convenience.

Pure Origins Honey

Australian Raw and Manuka Honey
Pure Origins Honey Pure Origins Honey

Pure Origins is passionate about Australian natural products, and have years of experience in creating premium raw and Manuka honey. The pristine, clean, and pure locations of Australia makes Pure Origins the perfect choice for honey. The honey is cold extracted with nothing else added - it is completely natural and raw.

Mountain River Venison

New Zealand Venison
Mountain River Venison Mountain River Venison

Mountain River Cervana Venison is produced in a natural, sustainable manner in the South Island of New Zealand. With a subtle delicate flavor and superb tenderness, Venison is a great alternate to other red meat products. Grass fed, free of steroids and growth promotants.

Sovereign Australian Five Star Lamb

Premium Australian Lamb
Sovereign Australian Five Star Lamb Sovereign Australian Five Star Lamb

Sovereign Lamb is Australia’s finest lamb from the pristine Goldfields regions of Victoria. Lambs are hand selected at each stage of the production chain to meet the strict quality specifications. The pure lamb genetics of the Sovereign brand and the natural feeding regime of lush pastures, clean water and air, give the lamb a tender texture and a mild rich flavor that is unlike no other.

Australian Lobster Tails

Southern & Western Australian Lobster Tails
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Australian Lobster Tails Australian Lobster Tails

From Western & Southern parts of Australia, these lobsters are caught wild and hand selected for quality and health. These premium lobster tails are the perfect accompaniment to a great Kerwee steak.

Stellar Bay Oysters

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Stellar Bay Oysters Stellar Bay Oysters

Stellar Bay are industry leaders, having perfected the oyster tumbling process with their signature“Kusshi™ program” that ensures a full flavor profile that satisfies even the most discerning oyster enthusiast. Stellar Bay consistently deliver oysters that boast an exceptionally deep cup with a smooth shell that is strong and easy to open.

Cloudy Bay Surf Clams

Specialty Seafood Product
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Cloudy Bay Surf Clams Cloudy Bay Surf Clams

Harvested wild from the pristine coastal environment of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sound, Cloud Bay Clams are renowned for their rich flavor and creamy texture. Four species of clam are available year-round, each with their own unique qualities.

New Zealand King Salmon

Frozen Fillets
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New Zealand King Salmon New Zealand King Salmon

The salmon are raised in the cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps where the water is fresh and constantly flowing. The farmed fish are cultured in a pure environment with minimal human intervention, and free from growth hormones, vaccines, pesticide and antibiotics.

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King Island Dairy Cheese

Premier Cheese Product
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King Island Dairy Cheese King Island Dairy Cheese

King Island Dairy cheese is produced on a small, beautiful island off Tasmania’s North West coast, in the Roaring Forties of Bass Strait. It’s rare that Mother Nature creates an environment so perfect for honing the art of cheese making.

Founded in the early 1900’s, King Island Dairy are producers of award winning and world class specialty cheese and dairy products. Among our most popular products are soft white, blue vein, washed rind and cheddar cheese.


Premier Truffle Product
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Truffles Truffles

We supply truffles throughout the Australian and European seasons for high-end restaurants nationwide.

Clevedon Coast Oysters

Exclusive New Zealand Oysters
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Clevedon Coast Oysters Clevedon Coast Oysters

The Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand maintains ideal conditions for producing plump, delicious Oysters. Through working in such unique environmental circumstances, Cleveland Coast Oysters have developed the pearl grade oyster, an oyster that is a little older and ensures the most consistent possible conditioning.

Tropic Co Prawns

Australian Tiger Prawns
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Tropic Co Prawns Tropic Co Prawns

Tropic Co Tiger Prawns from a quality natural growing location Queensland, Australia. These Tiger Prawns are are of the highest quality, and are snapped frozen, 10-15 per lb from live to preserve freshness. Tropic Co uses sustainable growing practices under strict bio-security measures that is disease free

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