Ausab Abalone

Exclusive Seafood Product
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Ausab Abalone Ausab Abalone

The pristine Antarctic waters flow into the Australian Great Southern Ocean at extremely cold temperatures, creating the perfect conditions for our Abalone. Processed from live with the freshness locked inside, you can now enjoy our Australian Abalone anywhere in the world.

Kusshi Oysters

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Kusshi Oysters Kusshi Oysters

Stellar Bay are industry leaders, having perfected the oyster tumbling process with their signature“Kusshi™ program” that ensures a full flavor profile that satisfies even the most discerning oyster enthusiast. Stellar Bay consistently deliver oysters that boast an exceptionally deep cup with a smooth shell that is strong and easy to open.

Cloudy Bay Surf Clams

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Cloudy Bay Surf Clams Cloudy Bay Surf Clams

Harvested wild from the pristine coastal environment of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sound, Cloud Bay Clams are renowned for their rich flavor and creamy texture. Four species of clam are available year-round, each with their own unique qualities.

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

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Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

King salmon (Chinook) were introduced into local New Zealand rivers from the Sacramento River 100 Years ago. The fish farmed today are direct descendants of this original North American stock.

Mount Cook freshwater salmon are raised in the swift, cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The water is fresh and highly oxygenated; it also flows constantly, keeping the fish healthy and lean. The salmon are cultured in a this pure environment, with no growth hormones, vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics.

Clevedon Coast Oysters

Exclusive New Zealand Oysters
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Clevedon Coast Oysters Clevedon Coast Oysters

The Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand maintains ideal conditions for producing plump, delicious Oysters. Through working in such unique environmental circumstances, Cleveland Coast Oysters have developed the pearl grade oyster, an oyster that is a little older and ensures the most consistent possible conditioning.